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Homework 9/19/11 Page 9 and PAge 14

1. Substitution of damages for revenge is the first stage in the evolution of Law? False

2. The two systems of law in use today are the English common law and the Roman common law

3. A remedy of the English Courts of Equity was the injunction

4.Louisiana is the onle one of the 50 states whose legal system was not orginally based on the English common law system True

5. Most American law courts can use either damages or an injunction or both as remedies in civil cases. True

1. The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights.

2. Which of the following would not be considered civil law? All would be considered civil law

3. Legislative enactments by a city government are called

4. Stare decisis is the doctrine that requires lower courts to adhere to existing case law in their decisions. False

5. Torts are private wrongs commited againse individuals or organizations. False